Preparation Services

I’ll be honest…. The more you do, the more you’ll save. Charges will apply for preparation work described in Preparing for Quilting if you choose to have me provide services. All of the following services will be discussed prior to starting your project. If any matters arise during the quilting process, I will call you to discuss.

Seams: If you wish for me to seam your backing, a $20 charge per seam will be applied. If a seam pops and needs to be repaired, I will charge a minimum of $10 depending upon the total time spent tending to the need.

Edges & Corners: If edges require straightening or corners squaring, a $10 charge will be applied. Likewise, if your backing is not sized to 8” more than the width of your top and 8” more than the length of your top and I need to cut it to that proportion, a $10 charge will be applied.

Pressing: If you wish for me to press your top and/or your backing, a $10 charge will be applied if one or the other, or $20 if both.

Trimming Batting & Backing: If you wish for me to trim the edges of your finished quilt (typically to ¼”) I will charge $10.