Quilting Services

At this point I’m offering machine-driven, longarm quilting services using our Gammill Statler Stitcher. I’d prefer to meet you the first time we work together so we can talk through the process and quilting design decisions. I will also work with folks long distance (see Mail Order Quilting for details).


Edge-to-Edge Quilting: Stitching costs will run between $0.015 and $0.02 per square inch with simple, less dense edge-to-edge patterns being least expensive. Costs will increase with the density of the stitching and adjustments needed by your quilt top (see Preparation Services regarding adjustments).

An example project that is 90” x 100” (9000 square inches) using a basic Meander quilting pattern ($0.015/sq inch) would cost $135.00 for stitching plus $22.16 for cotton batting and $6.00 for Superior’s Omni thread, for a total of $163.16. Any preparation services or adjustment charges will be extra. Does not include Wisconsin state sales tax or shipping costs.

Sorry, not accepting projects made from fleece.

Custom Quilting: Projects involving more than standard edge-to-edge machine-driven stitching will be priced according to the number of patterns involved, customization of patterns, thread color changes, etc. Call or email to discuss what you are noodling on and cost estimate.

Batting and Thread

I have cotton, medium loft poly and wool batting that can be purchased by the yard. If you have special requests for batting, I can source and provide at cost to me.

I have many shades of Superior Omni thread in stock. Thread costs will be based on actual usage for your project.